All Natural Whipped Tallow, 24oz Grass fed Beef Tallow Moisturizer

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Lady May Whipped Tallow can be used as a moisturizer, face cream, baby lotion, deep conditioning treatment for hair, sunburn and diaper rash, lip moisturizer.
We take our Grass Fed Beef Tallow and whip air into it making a softer, fluffier tallow that feels great on your skin.
24oz oz reusable jar. Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Our tallow products are sourced from 100% grass-fed beef and natural oils.


We want our customers happy! Our promise is to provide you with the best tallow products or your money back!

    In a world where innovation intersects with time-honored wisdom, natural skincare brings to light a precious ingredient - whipped tallow. This luxurious cream, a symphony of tradition and modernity, draws the conscious consumers, wellness enthusiasts, and skincare lovers to explore its marvels
    Venturing into the realm of skincare evokes images of simpler times when ingredients were harvested from nature&
    Ensure Longevity with Cold Storage To preserve its essence and extend longevity, keeping your tallow moisturizer in a cool environment is the most effective strategy. By refrigerating it, you procure a long-lasting freshness, ensuring its vitality.
    The Healthiest of Them All The healthiest tallow is procured from cows that have roamed free in the fields, under the warmth of the sun. Enriched with a higher content of nutrients and vitality, whipped tallow derived from grass-fed cows is a gem in natural skincare.
    Skincare Rites with Tallow Purifying tallow for it to be used in skincare requires patience and precision. It is rendered, clarified, and strained gently, converting it into a pure elixir of care. Tallow penetrates deeper than shea butter, offering a richer symphony of hydration.
    An Ancient Beauty Secret Reborn Paying homage to the wisdom of the past, whipped tallow emerges not just as a skincare ingredient, but a testament to our connection with nature. Going beyond traditional routines, skincare rituals with organic tallow become sacred acts that cherish our past, present, and future. Made in the USA, this tallow-based face cream captures the essence of beauty and sustainability flourishing together. Experience the Magic of Whipped Tallow
    Unparalleled Moisturization Lady May Whipped Tallow provides lasting hydration that penetrates deep into your skin, making it an ideal remedy for dry patches and as a nourishing face cream. Unlike water-based moisturizers, tallow locks in moisture, keeping your skin soft and supple.
    Healing Wonders Tallow&
    In a world where the echo of the past intertwines with the innovations of the present, we bring you an intriguing and beneficial ingredient that your skin will love - Whipped Tallow. This marvelous concoction hailing from ancient traditions is now beckoning all eco-conscious consumers, health and wellness bloggers, and skincare die-hards to come and uncover its enchanting secrets.
    All Natural Whipped Tallow, 24oz Grass fed Beef Tallow Moisturizer
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    ALWAYS 100% Natural Ingredients


    • 100% Grass-Fed Beef

      We use the highest quality 100% grass-fed beef for all Lady May Tallow products.

    • Natural Oils & Ingredients

      Our essential oils, seed oils, and additional ingredents are always natural and safe for your skin.

    • Money Back Guarantee

      We pride ourselves in delivering premium tallow products. If you don't love your product, message us and we will make it right!

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    Tallow FAQs

    What is tallow?

    Our tallow products are derived from 100% grass-fed beef.

    Tallow has been used for centuries in skincare. With bioavailable vitamins A, B12, D, E, K, and various fatty acids, tallow helps soften, moisturize, and revitalize the skin.

    Do your products have a "beefy" scent?

    We get this question all the time and while it is very valid, the answer is no!

    We use a wet-rendering process for all of our tallow products. This completely purifies the tallow, leaving it odorless, while maintaining the key nutrients and benefits for your skin!

    How much tallow should I use?

    A little goes a long way with our tallow products. Start by using the size of a penny and see if you need more! Tallow will soak into your skin and leave your skin barrier deeply moisturized.

    How should I store my tallow products?

    Store your moisturizer away from light and drastic temperature changes.

    To maintain its original texture, store your moisturizer in a typical temperature-controlled environment (68-74 degrees). Extreme temperatures can cause the tallow to harden in cold conditions or melt in warm conditions. If this occurs, there's no need to worry; the moisturizer is still usable, but know the texture may change.

    Can I use tallow if I have oily skin?

    Yes! When the skin is excessively cleansed and stripped of its natural oils, it tends to overproduce oil. Using a high-quality moisturizer, like whipped tallow, can help maintain skin's moisture balance and prevent excess oil production.

    Can I use tallow if I have acne-prone skin?

    Yes! The antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and skin-repairing qualities of grass-fed tallow can greatly benefit acne-prone skin.

    What are the uses for tallow skincare?

    There are many uses for your tallow skincare products.

    Our products can be used for moisturizing the skin (face & body), diaper rashes, and eczema/other skin irritations.